Saturday, August 30, 2008

Full house and No Rain

We had over 130 adults and about 45 kids. We had 30 new families who want to join one of our small groups.... More story about the event will follow but I wanted to thank you for praying and ask you to pray for our services tomorrow....

Big Outreach event tonight in Playa

It's looking like the storm is going to stay to the east of us and that is an answer to prayer.

Please pray that God will uses this event tonight to bring 25 new families into our church.....

Thanks for praying!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer is the Key...

Last night we had an all night prayer meeting to pray for the kick off event this Sat. God is already at work in the lives of the people here. We had about 25 people come out to plan and pray for this outreach event. God was doing some in reach as we prayed. Reaching into our hearts.....

As we watch the weather those of us who have been through this before understand how difficult life can be in the aftermath of a strong storm. The other problem is the lack of funds. This is low season and everyone is in need already. As I look at the storm out in the Caribbean , and our financial storm as well I was remained of the faith of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego as they were facing burnout. They told king Nebuchadnezzar If we are thrown into the blazing fire the God we serve is able to save us but even if He does not save us we will be faithful.

We need your help and your prayers... We are at a break through point in the life of the church here in Playa and the enemy is not happy. Last night on the way to the prayer meeting one our key preachers for the event was involved in a car accident with a taxis.. Everyone was OK but they did not make it to the meeting..... God is getting ready to do great things in Playa through our church and we need you to join this movement.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Praying for our out reach event planed for Sat.

We now ask you to pray that one uninvited guest would not make it to our Playa del Carmen outreach event on Sat. night. We have stepped out on faith and we have put all of the money we have, $3000. in making this kick off banquet a really special event. Now the weather Channel is saying hurricane Gustav could be a strong Cat 3 storm on Sat. night. As many of you know we live in a grass roof house but our house is not my greatest concern. We have over 100 lost people who are now planning to attend our outreach event on Sat. Pray that Gustav will not change their plans. Please pray for our safety, our finances and our success as we reach out to the people of Playa.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The tickets for our kick off banquet went on sale today and they were sold out in five minutes. We sold 150 tickets we should have 100 non-believers at our out reach banquet on the Sat. August the 30th. Please pray for this night and the activities of the week.
Wed. we will be having an all night prayer meeting praying for these 100 non-believers.
Sat is the big event in Playa Del Carmen. We need your prayers.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting ready for Sunday

Pray for us this week as we are going to be launching a 4 month long spiritual growth campaign.

Next Sat. night is the first big event. We are going to be having a banquet and concert in Playa....

Pray for us tomorrow as we meet in Paamul. I will be praying both services English 9:45 and and Spanish 11:30.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Event in the life of our Church

Saturday August 30th is going to be a big day in the life of our church.......

We are going to launch a 4 month spiritual grow campaign in Playa Del Carmen. This campaign will begin with an outreach banquet and Ministry fair on Aug. 30th. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS OUTREACH BANQUET!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pray for these new Believers

We first met Blanca as the Volunteer Mission team from Myrtle Beach was prayer walking in Playa Del Carmen. There is power in prayer now Blanca is serving as part of our praise team.

Pablo just moved to Playa about 3 weeks ago looking for a new life and he has found that is Christ. He is our new drummer on our praise team.

This is young man has been coming to our church for a month or so. God save him out of a life of Drug abuse. Pray for Jesus as he seeks to fellow Christ.

I just met this young man last week as well. Aram is already serving God in our church playing the guitar in our praise band.
Pray that these new believers will grow in Christ and share the Good News with there friends.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Better with age??????

Yesterday I celebrated my 30th anniversary of my 21st birthday.... Anyway you say it I am getting older....

We have a team working out in the Mayan village of Chan Chen today:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks for Praying..

God is hearing your prayers.... Sunday was one of those special days. It was our daughter Brittany's 21st birthday... It's hard to believe our baby is 21 but time is moving on.

As I preached in Spanish Sunday God was in control and after the service I was planing to baptize Blanca. Blanca is a young lady that we met when the mission team from South Carolina was prayer walking. As I called Blanca to the front at the close of the worship service to explain the meaning of Baptism 3 more new believers came forward I had the honor of Baptising four that day..

Today we are taking Brittany to the airport.... she is going back to school in Ark. and we are picking up a mission team from PA.

Thanks for Praying!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pray for our weekend services.

We are asking for your prayers for our weekend services in Paamul. I will be preaching in English and Spanish. We also have a baptismal service that will follow the Spanish worship.

Our daughter Brittany is here with us this week and she will be celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Your help is needed!

Last night we had an exciting prayer meeting with our church leadership. God is moving us to action. On August 30th we are going to have a kick off worship service and banquet in Playa Del Carmen. We are going to conduct a five month long church wide spiritual growth campaign.
We are planing and praying that a least 100 people will attend our kick off celebration....

This is how you can help!
1.Pray and motivate your church friends to also pray for this movement of God.
2. Give, Ask your church and other friends to give to help us start this movement
a. You might want to do a Mexican dinner night to help raise the funds we need.
b. other great idea, golf tournament for missions, youth car wash, cut grass for missions,
c. no gift is to small. You can send checks to: Global Community Fellowship
1904 Red Bud Cir.
Greenville, NC 27858

3. I really want you and your church to be part of this movement of God in Playa. So if possible make plans to come down and worship with us.

4. Send email of encouragement to our leaders

Thanks so much for your prayers.

Please prayer for these church leaders as they lead our church wide Spiritual Growth Campaign.
They need your encouragement, most of them only speak Spanish but if you feel led to email these leaders and let them know you and your church are praying for this Campaign that could be a great help. These 15 people along with others are going to play a key role in this movement in Playa del Carmen. The goal is to build a great church among the growing middle class workers in the Playa Del Carmen area. Pray that we will start 12 new small groups and have 200 in the weekend services by Jan. 09.

Christian Carballo

Abimela Rodriguez

Alfonso Torres

Claudia Torres

Mary Lopez
Nelson Garcia

Gilsen y Mayo Saldierna

Daniel Bueno

Darla Millar

Doug Millar

Ana Rosales

Blanca Cortes

Daniel PeƱalver
Liem Chaviano

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Important leadership meeting tonight

We need your prayers as we meet with our group of leaders tonight to start planing our next step as a church.

"4 months with Purpose"

You are going to be hearing more about this as we try to reach out to the growing Mexican middle class families living in Playa del Carmen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Living with Purpose

I often wonder how Moses must have felt as he faced the Red Sea….. It seems like I have a Red Sea experience about once a week. Truly I don’t know how many times God has lead us through deep waters… You would think after living down here for 12 years and always living on the edge of disaster we would not be surprised any more but God always parts the waters in a unique and special way like only He can do.

We had a great leadership meeting Sunday, 17 people are now on our leadership team. We are now planning a church wide outreach campaign " Living with Purpose" over the next 4 months. We hope to have the kick off to this campaign in Sept. The plan for now is to start with a kick off banquet September 4th our goal is to have 100 people at this first banquet. We will follow this with a ministry and mission fair… and over all goal is to have 200 people in our weekend services by Jan. We are now running about 50 in our spanish service in Paamul.

Our next planning meeting is Wed. night please pray as we organize and build teams for this campaign.

We are going to need a prayer team, program event team, communication team, small group connection team, ministry fair team, Children and youth outreach team.

Pray that we will find the leaders we need for each task….

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We had a full house at our 301 leadership training this afternoon. We had 14 adults at the meeting and we feel this is a great start. Pray for all our Sunday activities. We are planing to feed about 20 at our house tomorrow afternoon. We are making plans to launch our new service in Playa.
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It's another busy Weekend

Today at 3:00pm I am teaching a class in Spanish.... helping church members discover their spiritual gift and their place in ministry.

Tomorrow I will be preaching in English at 9:45am and Spanish at 11:30am.

At 2:00pm I will be leading an important leadership meeting. We are making plan to start worshiping in Spanish in Playa.

We need your prayers this weekend.....