Saturday, September 26, 2009

Need your prayers as we start a new sermon series

We are going to start this weekend a new 5 week study, I am calling "from the Heart of Fellowship Church." We are going to anwser the question why is Fellowship here and what are we hoping to see happen. We start tomorrow by talking about what does it look like to be a mature follower of Jesus Christ in Playa Del Carmen Mexico in 2009. Pray that God would feel our building tomorrow with people are really to hear from the heart of God.

Sept. 27 – Spiritually Mature
What does it look like anyway?
Most of the time we operate with a flawed understanding of what it looks like to be spiritually mature. This faulty definition has caused many churches to actually get in the way of those interested in a relationship with God. So what does it look like to spiritually mature? And how do you get there? In this session we'll discuss how you can partner with Fellowship church to move in the right direction and bring others along with you. When you think about spiritual maturity, what comes to mind? Read Matthew 22:37-39.

Oct, 4 – Attracting the Non-religious
As you read through the accounts of Jesus' life you can't escape this simple but often overlooked question, Why would Jesus spend so much time with people who were clearly not God-fearing to the neglect of those who considered themselves more religious? As we explore Luke 15 to find the answer to this question, we'll uncover the driving force behind our church's past, present and future direction.

Oct. 11 – The Most Important Question. Who is Jesus?
Those who resist Christianity often do so because they have many unanswered questions. But when considering Christianity there is one question that trumps all the others. It doesn't answer the others, but it does put them into perspective. In this session we'll discuss how an influential man was transformed by this very question. Acts 9:1-22.

Oct. 18 You really can change.
People love to make predictions about the future—but all too often, those predictions are wrong! Why base our lives on predictions when God has promised us that we can really change? In Matthew 13, we find Jesus speaking to the crowds in a parable, as he often did. The people in the crowd were there for a variety of reasons—some to see what the fuss was about, others to see a show, and still others to listen—and to hear what the Master would say. Through this parable about seeds and soil, Jesus was really talking about all of us. And what he wants us to know is that personal growth is not only possible, it is expected. It’s something God wants to produce in our lives. Personal growth comes to those who have learned to listen. In this lesson, we’ll explore the three things that stop us from listening and three things that invite us to listen, as we look at Jesus’ explanation of this parable from Mark 4.

Oct 25 - Our mission in the world.

We will look the mission God had given Fellowship Church and who we plan to carry out that mission.
God did not create us just to live for yourself. He wants you to care about the hurting people in your life. He wants you to make a difference with your life. He put you on this planet to make a contribution. You were planned for God’s pleasure. You were formed for God’s family. You were created to be like Christ. You were shaped to serve God. And you were made for a mission.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Great Sunday!

Last Monday on my way back from checking on our work in village of Chan Chan I did something I rarely do and would not recommend as a way of church out reach, I picked up a group of men who were hitchhiking. The good news is they did not kill me and all seven of them came to church this morning that is a God thing. Pray for these men and their families I am going to meet with them and their families tomorrow morning out in the village of Antonio on my way to Chan Chen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrating Mexican Independence with our youth Group

Had a great time with the youth tonight in Playa. Celebrating freedom, playing Wii, eating pizza and praying together.
"Viva Mexico!"
The Grito de Dolores ("Cry of/from Dolores") was the battle cry of the Mexican War of Independence, uttered on September 16, 1810 by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest from the small town of Dolores, near Guanajuato. Viva Mexico

Monday, September 14, 2009

Out in Chan Chen Today

I was out in Chan Chen today.... The project is going well the money is coming in slow so the work is slow but somehow we are keeping the project going and that is a praise the Lord.

On the way back home today I picked up two hitch hikers I was able to talk to them about the Lord and about our church in Playa. They say they are going to be at church Sunday. Many people in our area seem to be really looking for help but not just a handout, real help. It is a different season here in Playa, people have always been superficially open but now many are really seeking help.

Pray for our church in Playa and our work in the Mayan Zone. So few English speakers are here at this time of year so we are not planing to start meeting again in Paamul until Nov. 1st.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pray for our Sunday Services

We are changing the meeting for the English speaking worship services and I have not had the time and or the money to get the word out. We are going to be meeting Paamul at 8:30am and in Playa at 10:15am. Pray that God would being people to each of these worship services. We are also doing a food drive. This is the heart of low season here and many families are hurting... Pray that our church will help meet the needs of the hungry..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Things are Changing we need your prayers

We are celebrating today the great week we had with the group from Canada. We also need your prayers as we go through a few changes on the English side of the church. Terry and Debbie Hill are going to be moving to Tulum and working to plant a church down there. We are going to be changing our meeting times in Paamul to 8:30AM and Playa meeting time will be 10:15am

Pray people will come of all our services pray also that lives would be changed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing with the kids Chan Chen

We had a great day today playing with the kids in Chan Chen. We have now built many friendships in this small Mayan village about 2 hours east of Playa Del Carmen. Today we saw about 400 children come to a kids program.... It was a little crazy at times but in the end the kids understood that we love them and the God also loves them.