Monday, June 23, 2014

Stand UP and Help The Kids


On August 23rd I am planning to cross from the Island of Cozumel to Paamul on my Stand up paddle board. We need your help! You can give now online or you can wait to see if we make it. If I don't make it the kids will still need the money so please give now and get your friends and church involved. 

Here are a couple route options depending on the wind...  we will probably have to tack the wind if it is not directly on our back so who knows how long it will really be :)

If the winds are from the North it will be about a 14 nautical miles (26 kilometres) voyage 

If the winds are from the South it will be about a 16.5 nautical miles (30.5 kilometres) voyage

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

 Now you can buy online with Amazon and they will donate to our Mission Organization "Global Community Fellowship. Thanks You


       Global Community Fellowship Inc