Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I feel under a lot of pressure mostly about the lack of money.. I have so many hurting people here on my team and I am trying to keep this ministry up and going. about a third of our funds come from mission teams coming in but we have not had a team in three months and we have had others canceled for Oct. and Nov. I am praying to God for help.. We now have a little larger ministry and it takes about 8000 a month just to pay the bills we had about half the funds we needed last month.

I think most people would give up but we are a little crazy. If we are going to go out we are going to go out with a bang. We are putting everything we have on the line. We are going to move the church in Playa to a new place. It is going cost us but it is our best chance to reach the people of Playa. We are going forward in Chan Chen as well... We need help but I am not asking people to do any more than I am willing to do.. I am not going to sing "I surrender all" if I am not willing to do it. When I was young this was easier but the older I get I think, who is going to take care of my wife in old age. And God says HE IS....

Please invite your friends to join us...
You can help by sending a check to our non-profit mission organization.
Global Community Fellowship
1904 Red Bud Cir.
Greenville, NC 27858

Or you can give on line http://www.globalcommunityfellowship.org/give.html

Monday, September 27, 2010

Church on the Move in Playa

We are moving to a new location in Playa Del Carmen. Nov. 7th we are going to be making this big step of faith. It is true that this is a weak economy but our GOD IS STRONG! Today as I preached the message it hit me God knows my needs. The older I get the harder it is becoming to put it all on the line for Christ... I think who's going to take care of me if I give it all to Christ and His work. Today God answered me he said I Will. Please pray for the people of Playa Del Carmen and those living in the Mayan villages where we work.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Need your prayers!

Sept. 9th Thursday - we hope to start our training program in the Mayan zone.