Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer requests:

The Work In Playa Del Carmen:

1. Pray for our leaderhip team by Name:

Doug and Darla Millar
Daniel and Ana Bueno
Daniel and Liem PeƱalver

2. Pray for our small group leaders


3. Pray for our team as we plan to start a new worship service in Playa as soon as we can find the right location.

4. Pray for pastor Terry Hill and his wife Debbie as they are making plans to move to Playa and work with us starting the First of next year.

5. Pray for a team we have coming in the Second week in August.

6. I am teaching the 301 class in Spanish this Sat. at 3:00pm. This class is to help people find their place in ministry.

7. I will be praying in Spanish and in English this Sunday. People are telling me that God is using my Spanish sermon... Even Darla is saying it's working and she tells me the truth. I still wish I had better Spanish because it is so much I want to say but God is using it and that is great.

8. Pray for our Praise teams....

In English

9. Pray that many people will come to Christ and join the team at Fellowship Church

10. This is low season and most of our membership works in the tourist industry so many are hurting financially please prayer for them and the church as well. Pray that we will have all the money we need to impact Playa for Christ.

Personal prayer needs:

Pray for our health and safety. We are praising the Lord that Darla is doing great and the last MRI show that the blood clot was completely gone.

Pray for our kids in the States Brittany is going to start her last year of College. Brandon and Amy are living and working in Dallas.

Pray for us in the area of finance.... God is meeting our needs but it is a little scary if you watch CNN.

Pray that I will have the God's wisdom as I lead our mission team.

Thanks for your prayers and your support.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are we winning?

I was watching the news the other day and they were asking John McCain what does a win in Iraq look like. I guess that was a good question...... I am not sure how clear his answer was..
That lead me to think... How do we measure victory in our lives or ministries? In every area of life we have a score board. In your finances you have Dow Jones, you have your monthly bank statement. Your pay check...... For most of us it's a win these days if we can pay all our bills.
In the area of health your scoreboard is pounds lost or pounds gained. Your waist size might be your health scoreboard. Your blood sugar , blood pressure, cholesterol etc.....

But what is your scoreboard in life and ministry? I use to think it was all about how many people were coming to our Sunday services and how much money they were giving, Numbers.. Then I said no it's all about life change how many lives are being changed but the truth was though that sounded real good it was not a very clear scoreboard for me. Only God knows the heart and it was unclear to me.

SO here is what I have come to understand. Life is a lot like a volleyball game... You can only win if you a serving... So focus on the moment keep serving and you can't loss... and let God take care of the score...

We need you and your church to bring mission teams our way in the next year.....

We need teams to come and help us get the word out about our church and small groups.
We need construction teams to come and help us repair and build
We need medical teams in the Maya Zone

We want to see you continue to win so serve the Lord today by praying for the people living in this part of Mexico. Serve the Lord by your gift to the ministries here. You can send checks to :

Global Community Fellowship
1904 Red Bud Cir
Greenville NC 27858

Be a winner!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dolly was only a rain event in our part of Mexico

When you are living in a house with a grass roof any Tropical Storm will motivate you to pray. We are now praying for the people living along the Texas- Mexico border

Today Darla got a good report from the neurologist. The MRI showed that the blood clot was completely gone. We are praising God today for his love and care for us.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Darla's birthday

Today we are celebrating Darla’s 29th anniversary of her 21st birthday.

We had a great day of worship today follow by a dinner and birthday party. Thanks for your friendship and prayers.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is back to normal or as normal as is gets down here. Many of you may know Mayo and Gilsen they are two of our church leaders on the Spanish side of our church. Their 10 day old granddaughter past away Tuesday and we were at the funeral yesterday for the baby. Please pray for their daughter Natilia her and her husband are not believers.

Also today I received a call from a young man who was saying that he wanted to kill himself..... This is emotionally draining in any language but for me in Spanish it was even more difficult. This young man needs our prayers. He seemed to be doing OK after we met. He is a new believer coming out of a back ground of drug and Alcohol abuse.

Tonight we have our small group meeting here at the house......

We need your prayers!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The youth from Crosspointe Church Bothell, WA had a great week with us.

Today the group of 15 headed back to Washington. They did a great job. You can see the photos from the week. Please pray for Darla and I and the work here in Playa. Darla has a birthday next Sunday July 20th. You can send you a birthday note at darlajtm@hotmail.com

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alaska team says their goodbyes to the kids in Chan Chen

The youth team from Rabbit Creek Community Church did a great job of building relationships with the kids in Chan Chen. Today as I came into the village I saw the young people walking down the street and about 100 children were following them to say their goodbyes.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prayer garden at the church in Paamul

The team from Crosspointe put grass and built a prayer garden at the church in Paamul this morning and they has a great kid's program this afternoon.
Our church members having fun at the block party.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on our two mission teams

The youth mission team from Alaska is doing great out at Chan Chen... They are sleeping in Hammocks and cooking on a camp stove but they are all doing great.

The group here from Crosspointe Church Bothell, WA. came in on Monday afternoon.

Below is their plan for the week so you know how to pray for this team.

Plan for the week:
Monday July 7, 2008
4:42 group arrives in Cancun
7:15 dinner at our house in Paamul
8:00pm short orientation and Check in hotel

Tuesday July 8,

8:00am breakfast in rooms

9:15am work at the church building a prayer garden

1:00pm lunch at Doug’s house

2: 00pm free time

6:15pm Go into Playa for dinner and inviting people to Church services

Wed. July 9th

8:00am breakfast in rooms

9:15am work at the church finish

1;00pm Lunch at Doug and Darla’s house

3:00pm go into town and hand out fliers

5:00pm kid’s program

7:30pm dinner in Paamul

Thursday July10th

Doug and Darla will be picking up the other team from Alaska and will be taking them to Cancun.

8:00am breakfast in rooms

9:15am Working with Harvey around Paamul

12:30pm lunch

Free time

6:00pm Dinner at the Millars house

Friday July 11 th

free day


Breakfast at 7:15am

8:30 leave for the Mayan village

10:30 – 12:00 Kid’s program in the park in Chan Chen

1:00pm Lunch in Chan Chen

5:00 return to Paamul

7:00pm dinner at the Millar’s house

Sunday July 13th

7:45am help clean the church and setup for the services
8:15 breakfast in rooms
9:45 English service
11:30 Spanish service
1;15 LUNCH AT THE Millar
3:00pm free time option - for cost of the gas Bill will let us go out on his Sea Rocket boat
$20 a person normal cost is $90

7:00pm dinner at the Millar


Breakfast at the millar’s house 9:00am

Free time and packing time


12:15 LUNCH


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alaska youth team make it to Chan Chen

After meeting this youth group from Alaska, one young man from Chan Chen said, "Are these guys from this world". In many ways they are from two very different worlds. These two worlds are brought together because they both need the love of Christ. Please pray for these young people as they share Christ with the Lost Mayan World.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update from our Summer Missionary to the US

Alfonso is 17 and a member of our church here in Mexico. This summer he is serving the Lord in South Carolina as part of our 3 way Partership with Ocean View Bapitst Church....

Hi, my name is Alfonso Torres and here I am on the third week of mission in Myrtle Beach. These past weeks have been incredible. I have met some amazing people both inside and out of church.
The Saturday after I arrived, 27 youth left for a mission trip to Charleston, West Virginia. Our way up there was a little tough on my stomach but other than that the trip was uneventful. I had no idea what we would be doing for the next week but it was a pleasant surprise to find that some other 320 teenagers were also involved in this mission. By the next day, we had been separated into about 30 different "crews." The crew chief for my crew was Coleman, the youth pastor whom I'm staying with. There was also another girl from Ocean View in my crew. It was pretty cool to be separated from your church and into a random crew because it is a very easy way to make new friends. Our assignments for the week were given to us on that same day. Since our crew was so small, only 10 people, we shared our assignment with two other crews. For our assignment, we had to re-roof a house. I had no idea on how to do that since roofs in Mexico are so different from roofs in most of the US.
On Sunday we went to church along with two other crews different that the ones we shared the assignment with. It was a nice experience to see other ways of teaching and praising God. On that same day, we went to the house we would be working on and met the owner. He was a very polite and calm man, probably 60-something. His house had three layers of shingles on any given spot, but over-all, it was in pretty good shape.
The week went by pretty quickly and the work was progressing a lot every day. The relationships that people make in that week are amazingly deep ans so it was hard to say good bye on friday afternoon. I hope to be able to see all of the people that I met that week again.
On Wednesday, we had our afternoon off, so the whole youth group went to the New River Gorge. It was very nice, we got to walk around the woods for a while and went all the way down into the gorge. On the week from the 22 to the 29, I was in Myrtle Beach for only three days. On one of those days, I went to play tennis with Dana (a neighbour and church member) and her family. On Wednesday, we went to Atlantic Beach and prayered walk the area. This area is the one in which Coleman wants to work this summer but we have run into some trouble lately, regarding the use of the Community Center to host block parties. Please pray that God will move the hearts of the people that could give the necessary permissions. Also, if this doesn't work, there are several areas in side the city in which we can work for the remaining month.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Youth Mission team from Alaska arrives

Sixteen tired volunteer missionaries arrived in Playa after 18 hours of travel. They were all excited and ready for God has for them this week.

They are in the hotel tonight here at Paamul... The plan is to work around here tomorrow doing a little painting and clean up at the church. On Sunday the group is planing to head out to Chan Chen.... Please pray for us and this team.
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