Monday, March 30, 2009

New English Worship Service starts in Playa and the Spanish Service is growing

We are now moving forward in Playa del Carmen and God is opening some exciting doors. Terry Hill is leading or new English service in Playa and doing a great job. We had 75 English speakers at the first worship service in Playa. We moved the service in Paamul to 5:30pm and we had about 35 adults at that service as well.

The Spanish side is also growing. We had 80 adults in the Sunday morning service and our praise teams was awesome! You can tell I am still excited. Next week we are going to a new level we are bringing folks in from the Mayan Village of Chan Chen and we are going to have a Tri-lingual Worship and potluck dinner. We are going to have it all Mayan Pork chuk, Mexican tacos and good old Southern fried Food ... Love and food in any language goes to the heart.

We are also going to celebrate the Lord Supper together all three language groups. It is going to be fun....

This week I have a volunteer team from North Carolina coming down on Thursday. They are going to be prayer walking and painting out in Chan Chen. Please pray for this team.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready to Build the main building

We have cleared most of the land now and we are ready to start main building. We plan to start building this week. We need your prayers and support as this project goes forward. This small hotel/mission center will be a help to many people as they learn the skills needed to work in the hotels in Playa and Cancun. It will also be a place where God's love is shown as many mission teams and Christian families past through this special place. We hope you, your family or church will come and have the experience of a life time. You can not do it all but you can do something.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Life in Chan Chen

Chan Chen is the small Mayan village where God has lead us to start a new type of ministry. The word "chan" means little in Mayan and the word "Chen" means well. So we are working in Little Well, Mexico. Below you will see me trying to give Mayo a ride on a three wheel bike. Let's just say that Mayo is not chan.
Thank you so much for your prayers for the people living in the village. They have come a long way, a few of the people are planing to come into Paamul April 5th a worship service. We have plan to start a church out there this summer.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The people of Playa Del Carmen and the folks in Chan Chen want to say thanks to Randy Carruth and I am Able Ministies for the new truck. It made the first of many trips out to the Mayan Village today.
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Great Sunday!

Sunday was a day of celebration! We had great services in Spanish and English. Christian our Spanish speaking pastor had the opportunity to baptize his wife Abi. It was truly a great sight.

And on the English side Terry Hill lead his first 101 class in Mexico.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Made IT!

Yes! We are back at home in MEXICO. We have many stories to tell from our 6 day trip to the States and the long drive back through Mexico. I will give you only few of the highlights for now.

God's Hand was all over this trip.

After picking up the truck in Ark. we headed to Mo. to get the Tags and Title. Everyone we talked to said that we would not be able to get the tags because we needed proof of insurance and that was going to take a few days. They also thought that we would have problems because we did not have a tax receipt from Mo. The lady at State farm insurance said that at this DMV you would never get the Tags without the proof of insurance.. Darla and I prayed in the parking lot of the DMV. "Lord if you want this to happen today we need your help." We when in and in just five minutes we were dancing out of that office with our Mo. tags and we were on our way to Mexico. Praising God!

OK call us crazy, but the next stop was our daughter's place in Arkadelfia Ark. She had found this stray dog on her way to school about three week earlier and she talked her mom into adopting it. So now the three of us headed off across the Lone Star State.
We made the 2600 mile trip from Mo. to Playa Del Carmen Mx in 4 long days. We got home this morning at 11:00am

Tonight we are thanking God for the new truck and praying for His help with the puppy.

Thanks you so much for your prayers.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chan Chen Project and new truck adventure

This is the first build at our Chan Chen Hotel/training project. This is going to be the pump house. We need your prayer and support for this project to become reality.

Thanks for your prayers. We are in Little Rock Ark. tonight we have the truck but it was not easy getting here. I learned an important lesson last night NEVER PUT MEXICAN VISA IN YOUR POCKET. You guess it last night I found my visa washed and in hundred pieces. God answered our prayers and I got out of the country. We are driving to Mo. to get the title and tags on Monday.

We are thanking God for the generosity of the Carruths and "I AM ABLE MINISTRY"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Need your prayers as we made a trip north

We are going to fly to the States on Sat. morning to pick up the truck that Randy Carruth had donated to our ministry. Pray for our safety on the road and also pray all goes smooth with the tranfer of title and getting tags..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Praising God for another great year with the Golf Channel

This is the third year that we have worked with the Golf Channel at the PGA event here in Playa. Three years ago I heard the PGA was holding their first ever Tour event in Playa I was excited because I am a big golf fan. But when I saw the price on the ticket I lost a little of my excitement. This is no joke I was doing a study about "you have not because you ask not" so that night I prayed a very simple prayer. "Lord I would this to go to the PGA event but I don't want to spend your money on a ticket." I thought if God was going to answer that prayer it would be like the neighbor had an extra ticket or something like that but no.... The very next afternoon I got a call from this guy in Ca. who works with the PGA and he says I saw your church on the web and I want to help your ministry. If you would work as a volunteer with the Golf Channel we will donate money to your ministry and that is how our relationship with the Golf Channel began .

This year the donation is going to go to our work in Chan Chen...