Friday, March 13, 2009

We Made IT!

Yes! We are back at home in MEXICO. We have many stories to tell from our 6 day trip to the States and the long drive back through Mexico. I will give you only few of the highlights for now.

God's Hand was all over this trip.

After picking up the truck in Ark. we headed to Mo. to get the Tags and Title. Everyone we talked to said that we would not be able to get the tags because we needed proof of insurance and that was going to take a few days. They also thought that we would have problems because we did not have a tax receipt from Mo. The lady at State farm insurance said that at this DMV you would never get the Tags without the proof of insurance.. Darla and I prayed in the parking lot of the DMV. "Lord if you want this to happen today we need your help." We when in and in just five minutes we were dancing out of that office with our Mo. tags and we were on our way to Mexico. Praising God!

OK call us crazy, but the next stop was our daughter's place in Arkadelfia Ark. She had found this stray dog on her way to school about three week earlier and she talked her mom into adopting it. So now the three of us headed off across the Lone Star State.
We made the 2600 mile trip from Mo. to Playa Del Carmen Mx in 4 long days. We got home this morning at 11:00am

Tonight we are thanking God for the new truck and praying for His help with the puppy.

Thanks you so much for your prayers.