Monday, March 2, 2009

Praising God for another great year with the Golf Channel

This is the third year that we have worked with the Golf Channel at the PGA event here in Playa. Three years ago I heard the PGA was holding their first ever Tour event in Playa I was excited because I am a big golf fan. But when I saw the price on the ticket I lost a little of my excitement. This is no joke I was doing a study about "you have not because you ask not" so that night I prayed a very simple prayer. "Lord I would this to go to the PGA event but I don't want to spend your money on a ticket." I thought if God was going to answer that prayer it would be like the neighbor had an extra ticket or something like that but no.... The very next afternoon I got a call from this guy in Ca. who works with the PGA and he says I saw your church on the web and I want to help your ministry. If you would work as a volunteer with the Golf Channel we will donate money to your ministry and that is how our relationship with the Golf Channel began .

This year the donation is going to go to our work in Chan Chen...