Monday, March 30, 2009

New English Worship Service starts in Playa and the Spanish Service is growing

We are now moving forward in Playa del Carmen and God is opening some exciting doors. Terry Hill is leading or new English service in Playa and doing a great job. We had 75 English speakers at the first worship service in Playa. We moved the service in Paamul to 5:30pm and we had about 35 adults at that service as well.

The Spanish side is also growing. We had 80 adults in the Sunday morning service and our praise teams was awesome! You can tell I am still excited. Next week we are going to a new level we are bringing folks in from the Mayan Village of Chan Chen and we are going to have a Tri-lingual Worship and potluck dinner. We are going to have it all Mayan Pork chuk, Mexican tacos and good old Southern fried Food ... Love and food in any language goes to the heart.

We are also going to celebrate the Lord Supper together all three language groups. It is going to be fun....

This week I have a volunteer team from North Carolina coming down on Thursday. They are going to be prayer walking and painting out in Chan Chen. Please pray for this team.