Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas "2007 The year of the singing tooth brush"

We had a great Christmas. We had a great turnout to our Christmas Eve candlelight service, it was in the mid 80's. It's still hard to get into the Christmas spirit as you sweat over a candle. We missed not having Brandon with us on Christmas this year but we are proud of him and Amy and we plan to go up to Dallas on the 31th.

Darla and Brittany got singing tooth brushes in their stockings this year. That was a big hit. The tooth brush plays music when you brush. Darla's plays Ricky Martin's "Living the vida loca" and Brittany's plays a Kelly Clarkson song.

We had Church members from the Spanish side of our church and our neighbors over for Christmas Dinner today. We had turkey, ham, and more food than we could eat. Our neighbor literally took a wheelbarrow of leftovers home.

Christmas dinner in our new house in Paamul.
I was not joking about the wheelbarrow of leftovers.

Great Day!