Monday, January 28, 2008

More Photos from our work in Chan Chen

Kids were literally coming out of the bushes last Sat. in Chan Chen. As I was walking around the village I met a 84 year old lady. She was unable to walk she said that she had broke her leg 9 years ago but at the time she did not have money to make the trip to see a doctor. Our doctors said it was to late now to do much for this lady's leg but this should never happen again. She only needed $50. that the time of the accident and she would be walking today. We can do this! We can make life better in the future for the 3500 people living in the small village but having an on going medical presence in the village.

My heart was broken for this lady who could not walk but I as thought about the great needs in the village it hit me unless something changes over 99.5% of the people will never have a relationship with the living God. We also must have and on going Christian presence in this village.

Pray for the small village and our church in Paamul.