Monday, March 17, 2008

Discovering a lost Mayan world

Today was a very exciting Monday. I made a trip out to the Mayan village of Chan Chen this morning. I met with the community leaders who now have become my dear friends. They took me out to a near by lake to show me the place where they hope to one day develop into a tourist attraction.

The lake was crystal clear it was like going back in time. The really amazing thing about this place is that they have two Mayan pyramids larger that the ones at Tulum that have not been excavated . You can not tell from the pictures because of all the trees but one is about 30ft high.

We climbed to the top of this Pyramid and they talked about how they wanted use this place to help the young people in their village have a better future.

They are not believers yet but I prayed with these men on top the Mayan rocks and I ask God for wisdom and hope for their people. There is something about mountain tops and dreams..... Anyway it was a great with the people of Chan Chen.

The village leaders gave me a small lot of land in the village to build our mission center there. We are going to hopefully start this summer. We are going to also be teaching English this summer out there as 3 students from Texas will be working with us this Summer.

We need your prayers and support.