Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Small Groups starting this week.

Last night we had 10 people at a new small group at Dr. Daniel's house. On Monday we saw many new people coming to our small group at Mayo's. Pray for two of our groups that are meeting tonight.

We are moving forward as God leads the way.....

We need your Prayers, your Support and we need your church to bring a mission teams our way. I have seen many changes in my lifetime in the culture and life of the church in the US. It is sometimes easier to see change when you are away. One of the things I have witnessed is a shift from the church culture of the 70's and 80's that said it's all about "me". I will come to church but what am I going to get out of it. Then in the 90's we said it's all about building a big church. It was a shift from "me" to "we". Together we can be a great church..... Now in the last few years I am seeing another shift from ME and WE to "Them". This is a culture of service. The young people in your church today want to serve..... and we need their help... Please contact me and plan a trip today.