Friday, January 16, 2009

One More Good Reason to Go on a mission Trip

If today you have something called a wind chill factor where you are living that could be God telling you it's time to plan a mission trip to Playa del Carmen, Mx. Yes the weather is great and the opportunities for service are even greater. We need your help as God is expanding our ministry. We are going to be reaching out to five groups of people this year and we need hundreds of volunteer missionaries to help. We are planning a new outreach to the Mayan speakers, we also are seeing God opening doors for us to work with Cubans who are moving to this part of Mexico and we have our church service in Paamul in English and the Spanish speaking service in Playa. In June we are planning to start a major outreach to youth living in playa. So if it cold up there God has a hot opportunity for you and your Church in Mexico. Email doug@church-in-playa,com and let us put a date on calendar soon...... We also need your prayer as we raise support for the work in the Mayan Village of Chan Chen.