Monday, February 16, 2009

It starting to look like the Alamo

I went out to the Mayan zone today and the work on the mission center/ hotel is going great. They are working hard it is all by hand. It is starting to look like the Alamo.

We are having a lot of car trouble and we need your prayers in this matter. Darla was driving a 96 Subaru, well the timing belt broke and this was only the beginning of a long ordeal. Of course you can not get parts for a Subaru in Mexico and if you do import them no one can work on it. So one month and $800 later the car is still not running. Then our green truck is also on it's last leg. I tell you all that to get to the story of the day. I had to use the church van to go out to the Maya Zone today. I had not driven it in a few weeks so when I stop by the gas station I ask them to check the oil , all gas stations in Mexico are still full service like the good old days in Mayberry. He check my Oil and he say the stick is dry, NO OIL.... So he put three quarts in and said the stick is still dry so he put a 4th quart in and said it's still dry! I knew that was not possible so I got out of the car and looked at the stick and it was broken in half he had been checking my oil with half a dip stick. So the story gets even funnier the gas station attendant runs out in the highway and flags down a van and comes running back with his dipstick to check my oil. Only in Mexico....

Well I made it there and back... God will provide all our needs.