Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is this next year going to be a "10" for you?

As we look to 2010 it is with great hope and excitement!

We have 10 goals for year "10"

1. Finish the first stage of the building in Chan Chen and open the hotel worker's training center to volunteers by Dec.

2. Find a location for our church in Playa that we can use seven days a week as needed.

3. Grow the leadership team on the Spanish side of the church in Playa.

4. Open the institute to train hotel workers in Chan Chen by Fall 2010

5. Start doing a weekly Bible studies in Chan Chen that will leave to a new church in Chan Chen

6. Recruit 45+ new short term volunteer teams for 2011 to work in Chan Chen

7. Start a men's ministry in Playa that will reach out to young professionals

8. Continue to grow the Fellowship of the Riviera Maya Church in numbers and in faith.
We plan to have a regular attendance of 250+ at our weekend services by Dec 2010

9. Send out mission teams from our church in Playa to serve in Chan Chen, U.S. and Cuba.

10. Continue to build our online prayers support team... We are looking for 2010 more prayer partners in 2010..