Friday, October 19, 2007

Fifth rainbow in Two Weeks

This is the fifth rainbow over our new mission house in the last two weeks. Darla bought that movie "Evan Almighty" while in the States. It's about the guy who builds and Ark in D.C. Our neighbours are saying our house looks like Noah's ark. Now with the rainbows I'm starting to look for the animals. The house is coming along great it is taking a little more of my time than I had anticipated but I am making it part of our ministry. I am sharing sermons everyday with the guys who are working on the house. Today of course we talked a lot about Noah. These workers seem to know many of the bible stories but they do not believe it has much relevance in their daily lives. They pretty much are in a survival mode... Working six days a week and the time they have off they are too tried to do any thing but drink beer and watch football on TV.

I guess it's not that much different than working men up north. Toby Keith has a new song that goes like this, “Yeah, the big boss man he likes to crack that whip. I ain’t nothing but a number on his time card slip. I give him forty hours and a piece of my soul and he puts me at the bottom of his totem pole. I don’t even think he knows my name. My baby cuts hair at the beauty boutique just blowing and going till she’s dead on her feet. They walk right in and they set right down. She gives them what they want and then she spins them around. I don’t even think they know her name. All week long I'm a real nobody but I just punched out and it’s paycheck Friday. The weekend’s here. Good God almighty I'm going to get drunk and be somebody. We’re just average people in an everyday bar driving from work in our ordinary car. But I like to come here with the regular Joes, drink all you want and be the star of the show.”

Pray for these men who are building our house... They need hope...

The two lead guys are Fred and Dino. I know it sounds like the Flintstones.

The beach about 200 yards from our house

Upstairs guest room in our new house

Our bedroom still under construction