Thursday, October 18, 2007

Looking for Land.

I have had a dream for a few years now that I could buy land and build a small hotel to house volunteers and reach out to locals as we teach English and other stills needed to work with tourist. As I began to dream about this idea the vision grew and the land prices in this area skyrocketed. Although my vision for this ministry is large and multifaceted we can start really simple by buying a land and building a house to house volunteers.

I need your prayers as we have a good lead on a land that would work to reach many for Christ.
There is a local resident who is selling about 240 acres of land South of Paamul in the Jungle.

His asking price is $110,000. The seller is not able or willing to sell part of the land so we believe we can find a buyer for half the land. 120 acres would be enough land for the future growth and the BIG VISION.

This land is near a small Maya village. It is about 9 miles from the highway. The land would be great and I believe we could start by building a camp and or a small hotel. In the future we could make this a tourist attraction.....

The Goal of the ministry would be reaching and training future hotel workers. This would be a large part of impacting this area for Christ.

PLEASE PRAY: We need money to get this vision off the ground.

The future BIG VISION ........

We already have the rainbow.......