Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Morning news

Darla seems to feel a little better this morning, she is still not eating much. Please continue to pray for her. I'm here with her at the hospital in Cancun. I have set up the skype phone here in the hospital room. So you can call 1-573 234 6265 this is a US phone that will ring in Darla's hospital room in Cancun. You can call from 9:00am to 8:00pm . Keep praying for Darla...

Pray for our church in Paamul they are having a big Thanksgiving dinner at the church tomorrow. Last year we feed about 150 people and Darla did most of the work. Pray that this event will go well. If you are in the area please come eat with us, it a potluck. We are also collecting can goods to feed the needy.

The house is still going up without me there to oversee so pray they don't make to many mistakes.

This morning photo taken from the back deck of our new house We will have an view of the Caribbean.

Glass block in the dinning room area of the new house