Friday, April 24, 2009

Another David and Goliath Story

We always like those David and Goliath stories until we are the ones living it…

In 1 Samuel 17 we read this well known story of how David overcame Goliath as a result of his faith in God. As I thing about this story the giant was not the problem for the children of Israel it was their lack of faith and their fear.

We have taken on a giant out in the small Mayan village of Chan Chen. The giant we are facing is poverty. The people in this village need salvation in Christ but all they can see is this giant named poverty. If God could help David kill Goliath He can help us overcome this giant problem.

How do you fight a giant?

1. David had a heart for God that caused him to seek the Lord.
2. David had a zeal, and deep passion for the honor of God’s people.
3. Him had confidence in the Lord’s power as he remembered past victories.
4. David trusted not in himself but in God’s power
5. David was himself he did not try to be something he was not.
6. David found five smooth stones.
7. He took action. David through God’s power killed the giant.

We are at stage #6 in our battle preparation in Chan Chen we are looking for five smooth stones or should I say five slick ideas to attack poverty.

Here are the stones we have already found.

1. The hotel and training center for tourism. If you have been reading this blog you have already heard a lot about this plan. You can read more about the idea at

2. Open a gift shop so the locals can market everything from locally produced honey and handcrafts to t-shirts.

3. Help the local schools by developing school to school partnerships with colleges and Universities in the States.

4. Starting a Celebrate Recovery program in the village. Alcoholism is one of the things that has lead to a lot of the poverty in the area.

5. YOU- we need you to pray and give. I know you are already doing a lot in your area and in your church and it is true that you can’t do it all but we can all do something. You can send checks to:
Global Community Fellowship, 1904 Red Bud Cir., Greenville NC 27858.
100% of the money will go to the ministry here in Mexico.

I have faith that we through the power of God will overcome this giant in Chan Chen. We you face the giants with us…. People are in need and all we lack is faith in the power of our living God. Help us show the people of Chan Chen how much God loves them.

Your friend in Mexico,
Doug Millar